I’m trying to find you.
Where are you located?

I don’t know why google maps dropped a pin in the middle of the intersection by the CVS or has you down by the former C-Spire building. No, we’re not on the end of the shopping center, that is a different restaurant. We are right in the middle of the complex. Between the Planet Fitness and the Ace Hardware. No, not the big empty unit. Look for the trees and bushes. We’re behind the trees and bushes.

Can we bring our kids? /
Are you kid friendly?

Well kind of. "Kid Friendly" might be a stretch. We are definitely kid tolerant, we have child size selections on our menu. We have a high chair. Please realize, this is a Sports Bar that serves some really good food. Bars are for adults. You can bring the kids, but they might hear some words that you might not want them to. That being said, After 8pm on the weekends, No one under 18.

Is the "_____" good?

Hell yeah it is. I mean, you may not like it but that doesn’t mean somebody else doesn’t think it’s good.

What’s the best thing on Menu.

Golden BBQ Chicken Bites. If you don’t like them, I’ve got nothing for you.

Are you the owner?

Yes, I am.